About this site

Welcome to the website of the developer known by the nickname "joursoir" (nick consists of french words).

There are no cookies, javascript and other annoying things. I respect your privacy. My site doesn't track you. It's a crime to require a javascript to access the content.

About me

I respect and support open source ideas. My passion for *nix operating systems and creating my own projects, all of which can be found in my git repository, is a testament to this philosophy. Interested in developing low-level solutions (firmware/bootloader/kernel) and application software.

When it comes to programming languages, my true love is C. That being said, I'm also proficient in other languages such as C++ (without STL), Rust, and Bash, each of which has their own unique advantages.

Nonetheless, I am always eager to explore and learn new things, so who knows what the future holds? If you want to contact me - drop me an email (you can find the address below).